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Adriel B. Villarreal's areas of practice include personal injury and criminal defense law. Adriel is bilingual and able to assist English and Spanish speaking clients.

Adriel practices in personal injury and criminal defense. Adriel is bilingual and able to help clients in English or Spanish.

Adriel is an experienced Personal Injury and Criminal Defense attorney who can assist you in navigating the often times complicated legal process and fight for the most positive outcome for your situation.

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When you get behind the wheel of a car, the only actions you can control are your own. Defensive driving with the goal of accident prevention is key.  What types of things can you do to help prevent an accident?

  1. Keep Your Eyes on the Road

The road in front of you is far reaching

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You pay your insurance premiums and you expect that when you need them, your insurance company will be there for you and for your family.  However, when someone is injured in an auto accident, they can quickly find out that the insurance companies have different